How E•D•S International Works for You

About E•D•S International

As a “NO COST” extension of your engineering and sourcing groups, E•D•S International CAN DELIVER “customer specific” products and components that meet your expectations.

You have pushed cost reductions to the max with your current vendors. Those costs may even be on the rise again despite your best efforts to keep them under control.

You’ve come to the realization that outsourcing components and/or finished products is something that you have to investigate in order to remain competitive in your market.

E•D•S International has over three decades of experience sourcing and ensuring quality control from Global Manufacturers. This experience gives us the ability to make this process as easy as reading a quotation!

E•D•S International is NOT a trading company or a broker. We step into your shoes and represent YOUR interests, not those of foreign manufacturers. We’ll find a manufacturing facility that can make your part/product at a competitive rate and with quality assurance.

Call our US office at 815-578-4100 for more information or email us at: