Brass Fitting for Industrial Water Heaters

Brass Fitting for Industrial Water Heaters

With our broad scope of capabilities, E•D•S International welcomes the opportunity to flex our strength to meet the most complex machining challenges. A client in the industrial water heater industry approached us looking for a source of supply for the brass fitting highlighted here. Its unique design incorporated compound threads, and they were seeking a manufacturer that could machine them accurately and repeatably at a cost factor that would fit within their budgetary constraints.

Based on our engineering assessment of the client’s specifications, our professional sourcing team identified a manufacturing facility that had demonstrated exceptional ingenuity on several past projects. We worked in close partnership with the factory’s engineers and technicians to secure sample product, which we then forwarded to the client for their approval. The client was very impressed with their form, fit, and functionality, and immediately issued a purchase order for volume production.

Primary operations involved forging the brass coupling to make the component stronger and less susceptible to failure. Advanced technology screw machining equipment combined with intelligent cutting tool selection and precise computer control over thread pitch, angle, and geometry enabled close tolerance machining of the compound 3/4 -14 NPSM and .987/.982 PD threads. When completed, the fitting measured 1.75″ in diameter x 1.975″ in length and fully satisfied the requirements of the customer specification.

Engineering expertise and in-depth knowledge of specialized threading tooling and techniques were major contributors to product quality and performance. We continue supply these fittings to the client in production quantities of 35,000 units annually. If you are interested in learning more about this project or any of our specialized capabilities, contact us today.

Brass Fitting for Industrial Water Heaters

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Brass Fitting Project Highlights:

Project Name & Description
Brass Coupling with Compound THD
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Screw Machining
Overall Part Dimensions
Diameter: 1.750”
Length: 1.975”
Threads: ¾-14 NPSM .987/.982 PD
Material Used
Industry for Use
Industrial Water Heaters
35,000 a Year
Standards Met
Customer Specification

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