USB Hub Circuit for the Electronics Industry

USB Hub Circuit for the Electronics Industry

When clients come to us at E•D•S International, they have the utmost assurance that we represent their best interests and supply them with products that meet an elevated level of quality. A client in the electronics industry approached us to manage the production of the USB hub circuit highlighted here. Designed for use in an Apple docking station, we provided assistance with the design and engineering aspects of this project as well as its manufacturing and rigorous quality assurance.

During the design phase, our engineers applied industry best practices to ensure that the device would meet strict government safety codes. They also specified materials of construction in compliance with UL, CUL, and RoHS standards. Taking into consideration all the important factors in the production of this device, we chose a vendor with excellent technical capabilities and an outstanding reliability rating.

With finished dimensions of 6.4″ in length x 5.15″ in width x .62″ in height, this USB hub featured epoxy laminate pre-preg 4 layer board construction. Primary operations involved both surface mount and thru hole assembly as well as drilling and etching. Along with masking and silk screening, secondary operations consisted of applying a conformal coating to provide environmental protections to ensure the long-term integrity of the assembly. Numerous quality assurance processes verified the functionality and connection speed for all circuits.

In the hands of our client, these boards had a near-zero rejection rate. Because of our ability to manage all the critical factors in the design and manufacturing of this USB hub, we continue to supply them at the rate of 4,000 units annually. To learn more about this project or the advantages of using E•D•S International as your outsourcing partner, contact us today.

USB Hub Circuit for the Electronics Industry

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USB Hub Circuit Project Highlights:

Product Description
USB Hub Circuit
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: Surface Mount, Through Hole, Drilling, Etching
Secondary: Masking, Silk Screening
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Pick and Place, Wave Solder
Overall Part Dimensions
6.4” x 5.15” x .062”
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Epoxy Laminate Pre-Preg 4 Layer Board
Material Finish
Conformal Coating
In process testing/inspection performed
Verified function and Connection speed for all circuits
Industry for Use
Laptop Docking Station
4,000 Boards per Year
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing, UL/CUL, RoHS

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